Jewelry Care

Care Recommendations

Just like any other silver jewelry, our silver jewelry will tarnish with passage of time if they aren’t worn regularly. In order to make sure that your jewelry is taken care of, follow these tips: 

  • Clean the jewelry with Adaleen polishing cloth provided.
  • Don’t apply creams and spray perfume onto your jewelry.
  • Remove jewelry when you bathe, shower, swim in the sea or chlorinated water.
  • Keep your jewelry away from extreme temperatures, humidity or sunlight.
  • Store your jewelry in the Adaleen packaging provided.
  • Put each jewelry item individually in order to make sure that they’re not tangled or scratched.


Cleaning The Silver

To clean Adaleen jewelry, mix water with liquid detergent or jewelry cleaner. Then use clean, soft and wet toothbrush with a few drops of this solution to clean the jewelry from dirt and oil. After it, wash the jewelry with clean water and dry it with jewelry polishing cloth or soft, lint free cloth. Make sure to remove all solution with water and totally dry the jewelry before storing. If you clean your Adaleen jewelry like this, its glare will never fade.

Cleaning The Stones

Gemstones are pieces of delicate craftsmanship and for this reason applying harsh cleaners, chemicals as well as hot water should be avoided completely. We recommend cleaning Adaleen Stones with soft, damp and clean cloth after wearing.