One of a Kind Jewelry for One of a Kind Women

What would it be like if every woman out there knew just how beautiful she was? At Adaleen, we know it and are inspired every day by the beautiful, strong women we come across in our neighborhoods and on our social pages. Our designs are inspired by YOU. The amazing woman reading this story. It is our belief that every single woman has something special about them, something that makes them undeniably…themselves. Undeniably…beautiful.
It is our deep hope that our jewelry will stay in your collection for the rest of your life. With gemstones that reflect the Gemological Institute of America’s “ideal” cutting parameters, our jewelry is near flawless in both craftsmanship and quality, resilient against any sort of fading or discoloration. Our expertly hand-cut pieces are made from the highest-quality precious metals and gemstones, and crafted with the utmost care. Made to last a lifetime.
Every woman is unique, which is why we’ve designed a wide-array of jewelry pieces to fit many personalities, styles and occasions. Everything from dainty stud earrings for daily wear to statement cocktail rings featuring hand-cut created gemstones in our stunning collection. Whether you’re buying for your mother, grandmother, daughter or yourself, there’s an Adaleen piece for every woman.